Interior Snoop: Portaferrissa by Katty Schiebeck

Portaferrissa by Katty Schiebeck

One of my online stress relievers is the blog Somewhere I would Like to Live by Katty Schiebeck and photographer Rubén Ortiz. Actually, I was first obsessed with their Instagram account of the same name. I've been lurking their feed when it had around 2,000 followers. Now we're almost 85,000 Instagrammers who are all sighing and fantasizing with every post.

With her taste in everything fine, it comes as no surprise that the Barcelona-based design savant's interior creations are delicately superb. I like what she did to this apartment in Portaferrissa, especially that little oasis near the dining room with a pivot door! I'm not so much into minimalism. I prefer well-curated chaos over something that resembles living inside a fridge. Katty Schiebeck's brand of minimalism, however, denotes a warm, homey feel, and I love it!

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