Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar

Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar

A good place to unwind and have a few bottles of beer is not particularly hard to find in Eastwood's Citywalk; the area has lots of it, in fact. Now a good bar slash restaurant that you can bring your kids to is something else entirely. Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar aims to give its patrons just that. Can it be done? I believe so.

It's best to bring your kids during lunch time or early evening. The partying starts much, much later. 

French Beans  PhP 99

I was popping these French Beans into my mouth non-stop while waiting for my turn to take photos of the other dishes; and that's not just because I was extremely hungry. They were really delicious! The coating was light and seasoned well. Dipped in the salted egg mayo, each piece becomes addicting.

Curry Rice Balls  PhP 105

It's almost an all-in-one dish, like pizza. You have fat morsels of rice compounded with curry and cheese plus pickled remoulade on top.

Fried Chicken Bao  PhP 99

The Baos are what you should be looking forward to on your first visit to Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar! I haven't been back in a while, so I'm not sure if things have changed since my last visit. If the quality is still the same, then it's safe to say that their Baos are a steal for PhP 99! The buns are fluffs of heaven and the in-betweens supreme. 

The Fried Chicken Bao was satisfying, but it was the Miso Pork Belly Bao that made me so happy! It's primed with slices of tender pork belly coated with honey miso sauce. Apple and miso sauce and toasted nuts are thrown in for extra yum.

Liberty Burger  PhP 110

The bun is fried and the Angus patty is topped with kesong puti and pickled remoulade. Nestled between the patty and the bun is a smear of their house barbecue sauce. It's not complex, just delicious.

Chicken and Egg  PhP 190

This was a huge bowl filled with roasted chicken breast, rightfully cooked white rice {hollowed in the middle for the 63-degree egg}, and crispy chicken skin. It comes with tarragon vinegar. I'm gonna pause for a moment to remember its goodness then eat steamed broccoli later {b and cry.

Miso Butter Rib-Eye Steak

See what the chef did here? He removed the extra fat, cut them up into tiny pieces before deep frying them to a sinful level! Why?!!! I don't need this kind of temptation in my life! But seriously, that piece of meat was fantastic! Tender and seasoned well. And then you have the miso butter on the side to complement it. Life's good.

Black Cod Skewer  PhP 99

Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar has a lot of skewer variants which I believe would most benefit the boozers. I liked the Black Cod best. That paired well with one of their flavored beers. The beer's name escapes me right now, though. As a good and economical alternative, the Chef's Platter has two sticks of every skewer kind {Chicken, Meat, Seafood, Vegetable} they have.

Matchamacalit  PhP 120

I have friends who do shivers of joy at the mere mention of the word 'matcha'. I like matcha as a drink, but never as solids. Having said that, I still find Matchamacalit - matcha chocolate, peanut butter crisps, torched meringue - good. My matcha groupie friends would find this amazing for sure.

Liberty Asian Refuge and Bar
Eastwood Citywalk 1
Telephone No.: (+63977) 839.17.17
Facebook: Liberty Eastwood

Onward and Upward!


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