Sage Bespoke Grill's All-New Menu

Makati Shangri-La Hotel's Sage Bespoke Grill has a new Chef de Cuisine, Eric Weidmann, and with that unveiling naturally comes a total overhaul of its menu. One thing that's not new to Sage though is the quality of dishes. It's not that all surprising given the hotel's commitment to excellence, but still, hiccups can happen. So far, I haven't experienced anything appalling from the time I had my wedding reception at the said hotel eons ago until today. 

In all fairness, the dishes are not the ones that will make you say, "Why the hell is this so complicated? I just want to eat!" Anyone feel me? The words can be pronounced easily, the ingredients are superior, and the outcome, fantastic. 

Below are some of the dishes at Sage's new menu!

Sage Bespoke Grill's All-New Menu

The name of this dish is Waffle. Just waffle. See? What did I tell you? The simplicity of the name is inversely proportioned to its taste. It's complex yet familiar, not to mention delicious! Crowning the fluffy buttermilk waffle are slices of smoked salmon, boiled quail eggs, and sour cream.

Iceberg Lettuce Salad - a quartered head of an iceberg lettuce topped with bacon, blue cheese, candied nuts, chopped onions, and sour cream. Another winner! Better than that is the Ceviche Scallops below. That one is fantastic! The thinned scallops are confidently swimming in basil oil with lemon, sundry tomatoes, capers, and pine nuts.

For some reason, I see quite a number of Lobster Roll posts on my Instagram feed lately. The local grammers, at least. Well this one from Sage is one to behold. First off, the house-made bun doubled its savory appeal. Just the kind of bun I like - soft, springy, good bite. I don't know about you, but for me, no matter how great the filling is, if the bun sucks, the whole thing can be down voted to a pitiful experience. 

Now for the filling. It's a pile of rich perfection. Others would probably want to keep the amount of mayonnaise to a minimum, but I like mayo so add away! Taste is subjective.

Chef Eric Weidmann carefully slicing his edible art piece

Wagyu Chateaubriand

Pre-sliced, the Australian Wagyu chateaubriand is gorgeous. After being sliced, it switches to addicting. This is one impressive steak! Chef Eric was able to prepare it without drowning out {a.k.a seasoning overkill} the great breed of meat. If you're scared of fat, choose this, or you can just order it because it's amazing. Either way will do.

Dry Aged Striploin

Still on chateaubriand high when this one came out. The Dry Aged Striploin is superbly delicious as well, and tender! I don't care how many days it was hanging on some rack somewhere. What matters is it made me happy. Isn't that the ultimate life goal?

Among Sage's new list of desserts, the Chocolate Sphere is what I like the most, and I'm not even a chocolate lover. I forgot to take a before photo, but basically the warm chocolate sauce melts away the top portion of the chocolate sphere to reveal a concoction of brownies and poached pear. Glorious!

Sage Bespoke Grill
2/F Makati Shangri-la Hotel Manila
Ayala Ave., cor Makati Ave.,
Makati City, Philippines
Contact No.: (+632) 814.25.80
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