Desire: Mari Giudicelli Shoes

Mari Giudicelli Shoes

Mari Giudicelli Loafers

Do you have the self-restraint not to pet that?

Mari Giudicelli Shoes

Mari Giudicelli boots

Since I like shoes more than bags, constantly searching for a good pair is a second nature. I found another great pair about two months ago! Mari Giudicelli's designs are TDF! By the way, I've always wanted to use that acronym. I initially thought it meant Tour de France. Let's try it again. Mari Giudecelli's designs are Tour de France! I cringe at my own stupidity.

So the Brazilian model's shoes are classics with an edgy appeal; some of it, at least. Most are cloaked in exotic skins. Triple love!!! Retailers are in the works. Meanwhile, we can all sign up for updates, yes?

Photos are from Behance, Vogue, and Who What Wear

Onward and Upward!


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