Grey Goose Gastronomique at Blackbird

Grey Goose Gastronomique at Blackbird

The Best Vodka in the World {according to the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago}, Grey Goose, recently launched a new premium vodka at the haute restaurant, Blackbird. Along with the said extraordinary spirit is a fine list of extraordinary dishes as well. I like Grey Goose and Blackbird equally, so I was more than pleased to have attended the aforementioned event. 

Grey Goose Gastronomique at Blackbird

The Grey Goose Gastronomique event was not about pairing. Pairings are a dime a dozen hence I was grateful that the organizers went against the usual. We first had a gustatory splurge before the spirits. That's actually not quite right. The meal was sandwiched between rounds of cocktails. Good times!

Ahi Poke

Now for the food. The Ahi Poke on a bed of crispy rice got a very nice response from my friends and I. It's the kind of dish that makes you want to go for seconds! The ahi poke was slapped with the good kind of heat that was further muffled by the crispy rice. 

The first course was a delicious pile of pickled beetroot, smoked trout, apples, and garden greens. Extra flavor came from a light drizzle of wasabi horseradish cream.

Crispy Crab and Salt Cod Cake

The second course was the Crispy Crab and Salt Cod Cake. It was served with pear and celeriac remoulade plus tarragon-anchovy aioili. 

The main course had two of the ingredients that make the world a better place: lobster and bacon. It was amazing! No rubbery texture came into play, and it was seasoned perfectly. Creamy porcini and truffle oil polenta were great accompaniments. 

Before we had the Grey Goose VX neat, we first had a few rounds of calming cocktails such as the Grey Goose Cosmo. That drink gave me a little Sex and the City throwback. Do you remember that cult drink the Manhattanites always order? If your answer is no, that means you're most probably too young.

The VX is infused with grand champagne cognac. According to the experts, there is a hint of white fruit blossom, plum, apricot, light citrus, and wild honey. Since my palate and nose are not trained to detect all that, all I can say is that Grey Goose VX is really gooooood! 

I had a few good moments with Grey Goose in the past. What I love about Grey Goose is that it gives me absolutely no hangover. I'm sure Lorde can attest to that. Just to be clear, I don't drink to get drunk. I drink to relax. Some people can't help but give you a third degree about it sometimes. I just tell them that Hitler was a teetotaler and a vegetarian so... The number one rule I abide by is this: If I can't hold my drink, I won't. I can, so I will. 

Onward and Upward!


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