Style Board: The Farfetch Getaway

Just like I previously said, I wholeheartedly believe there is a sartorial potion infused in the Gallic water. How else would you explain the French's innate ability to bring forth sartorial strength? It's very envy-inducing, bordering frustrating. 

You know what makes it frustrating? They have this certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be equaled. It's one of those you-either-have-it-or-you-don't type of thing. There's no in-between, and that sucks.


Paris, as we all know, is one of the four major fashion capitals in the world. London, Milan, and New York are equally as powerful when it comes to style {hence the recognition}, but it all boils down to personal preference. 

Style, like food, is highly subjective. Others may find the Parisians brand of fashion as too simple. In my eyes, it's perfect; a stealth panache manner of dressing that is accessorized with confidence. 

They stick to a specific set of neutral colors, they value comfort, and they avoid in-your-face logos. Think Inès de La Fressange, Jean Seberg, Emmanuelle Alt, Caroline de Maigret, Françoise Hardy, Geraldine Saglio, Jane Birkin, Julia Roitfeld, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. They're some of my favorites.

Below are the summer style boards I created for The Farfetch Getaway. They're not hardcore French style because, after all, I'm not French. They're inspired-bys; not xerox copies. I injected my own style into them. It's a pert mash-up, I think. 

Someone once told me - with a disgusted look - that I wear nothing but monotones. I took no offense because it's true. My closet looks like a zebra puked all over it. I welcome playful twists with my monos like a pair of "COMEFORBREAKFAST" flared shorts. It's perfect with a plain white Neil Barrett tank, Barbara Bui blazer, Chloe perforated ballerinas, and a Troubadour weekender!

R13 cropped biker jacket over a Self-Portrait crochet strapless dress for a chilly summer date night. A simple pair of Gianvito Rossi Portofino sandals and a pair of Wouters and Hendrix small baguette diamond earrings complements the look. Subtle make-up with lips as the focal point hence the Lipstick Queen's Red Sinner. As for the Edie Parker Chillax clutch, well, it's both a statement and a reminder. 

Onward and Upward!


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