The Importance of Switching to LED Lights

Whether in clothes, shoes, food, home maintenance, furniture, appliances, healthcare, and yes, life mate, quality over quantity has always been my mantra. Frugality for me ends where quality begins. 

My life mate and self-confessed LED freak changed all our light bulbs and tubes to LED years ago. It did give me a wallet-ache in the beginning, but I realized that it was a worthy splurge. 

Reduced heat build-up is a major, major factor. If you live in a country where the temperature feels like being in an oven 299 days per year, you'll appreciate the switch.

But of course, the cost of a single LED light is one thing that peeves some home owners. I think long term, so this barely mattered. Here's why: I used CFL bulbs before. A 22-Watt CFL bulb is around PhP 300, and lasts for 10,000 hours or a little over a year. 

On the other hand, a 1521 Im {about 50 Watts} Orbik LED bulb SRPs at PhP 250, and lasts for 25,000 hours or almost 3 years. That's roughly PhP 83 per year!

What are the other benefits of LED lights?

>LEDs don't contain mercury. 

> High efficiency, low power consumption. Again, if you live in a country where the electricity rate ranks amongst the 10 highest in Asia, this benefit is much appreciated!

> Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs are not hot to touch because they don't generate heat; it has chips that convert electricity into light. 

Orbik's Vintage LED Lamp is my second favorite. My boy immediately exclaimed, "Oh cool! Tungsten!" when he saw them. It comes in two types: ST64-C {the one above} and A60-C {below}.

Now this is my favorite! It's LED lighting with Bluetooth audio! It's perfect for the shower room. I don't sing in the shower, by the way. I practice my comebacks for when I argue with someone hence the need for loud music. Everybody does that. Hey, in a battle of wits, you cannot go unarmed, right?
The photo on the left is a collection of Orbik's A60 LED bulbs. It's kinda LACMA-ish don't you think? The one on the right is Orbiks candle LED bulbs. You can check out more info about Orbik here!

Onward and Upward!


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