Calderon-Guevarra: A Gourmet Carinderia

Gourmet carinderia is a concept that confused me in the beginning. What exactly is it? An upscale version of a carinderia? A fancy title set as an excuse to pump up the prices?

I enjoy carinderias. They serve the kind of food that's embedded in my cells. Being a creature of habit that I am, I always revert back to a place where there's sisig, chicharon, sinigang, adobo, etc. These are the dishes that my DNA craves. 

The problem I have with some carienderias is the sanitary practice they adhere to. That has nothing to do with being pompous, believe me. That has something to do with gastric problems that are beyond my control. 

So, Calderon-Guevarra, as I have discovered, addresses those problems. They serve a long list comfort food that are sanitarily prepared and, believe it or not, they are still right on the budget. I mean, for the quality, they are cheap.

C&G Carinderia Style Suf and Turf  PhP 200

The combination of chicharon and breaded tilapia strips is a knockout! The Surf and Turf is served with the standard vinegar concoction and buro {fermented rice}! 

Pork Sisig  PhP 150

Sisig renders a whole kind of crazy for most Pinoys including yours truly. Calderon-Gueverra's Pork Sisig is served two-ways: on a sizzling plate and in pita pockets with a side of garlic sauce. Between the two, I enjoyed the latter more. Sisig is glorious when paired with garlic sauce! The pita pockets sponged up most of the oil, making the whole thing almost guilt-free. 

Tortang Talong  PhP 200

Just like the Pork Sisig, the Tortang Talong is served 2 ways: the original omelet style and a rolled, battered version similar to cordon bleu. I find both to be very satisfying.

Sizzling Bulalo  PhP 200

A pile of tender beef chunks mixed with bone marrow, crunchy sisig, and a heap of gravy! Really good!

Isang Buong Manok  PhP 300

A generous pour of the creamy mushroom sauce over the juicy meat makes for one memorable dish.  It's an affordable and delicious binge for three to five persons. 

Chocolate Chicharon  PhP 120

The Chocolate Chicharon is the one I enjoyed among all the desserts at Calderon-Guevarra. Large pork rinds cloaked in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chopped nuts and confectioner's sugar. A fitting ending to a wonderful dinner!

14 Pvt. Aurellana Rd, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila
Tel. no.: 706.79.58
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Facebook: Calderon Guevarra

Onward and Upward!


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