Gion Kinana: The Healthy Ice Cream Shop in Kyoto

Gion Kinana is a specialty ice cream shop near Kyoto's shopping district, Shijo Dori. The shop's selling points are: no preservatives, almost zero percent fat, and no other harmful ingredients that will prematurely kill your cells. In other words, it's the healthy kind of ice cream.

Now, I don't know about you, but for me, "healthy food" is equivalent to an abomination. Most are disgusting, some are tolerable, and a scant amount is delicious. Gion Kinana belongs to that scant amount. I swear to the Almighty, their stuff is legendary.

For first-timers, looking for the place was a bit of a struggle. If you're not familiar with the area such as I, every alley looks the same. We were able to find it on our second try, though.

You'll be directed to the second floor as soon as you enter the establishment. The first floor is mostly for food prep. 

Each person will be given a tray with Hojicha or Japanese roasted green tea. Every time I take a spoonful of the ice cream then immediately take a sip of the tea, a surge of calm happens. It was a fantastic feeling. It's similar to when you eat an affogato {a battle between hot and cold}, just 50 times better. Not only that, the tea somehow enhances the flavor of the ice cream. 

Every ice cream is freshly churned in the store daily. The major component is soy bean. Since there are no preservatives, takeaways are highly discouraged.

The towering colorful mix is the Berry Berry Kinana. The Kinana Sanshumori {three scoops} is also one of their most-loved creation, but Gion Kinana's showpiece is the Dekitate Kinana. 

The parfait glass is filled with scoops of kinako, matcha, and kurogoma yoghurt, festooned with blueberry sauce, brown rice cereals, buckwheat flour crackers, raspberries, rice flour dumplings, cherries, and yatsuhashi cookie.

The three scoops that encompasses the Kinana Sanshumori are Kuromitsu {black honey}, Kurogoma {black sesame}, and Adzuki {red bean}.

Don't let the simplicity of those two egg-like scoops fool you. They're packed with complex flavors that are amazing! The Dekitate Kinana is created using Tamba black soybean flour. It's a very creamy concoction without the sugar overkill. It's excellent!

The lovely ladies of Gion Kinana 

京きなな Gion Kinana 
Address: Japan, 〒605-0074 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, 
東山区祇園町南側 570-119
Tel. No.: +81 75-525-8300

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