Hyatt City of Dreams' The Cafe Highlights Gurgaon, India's Cuisine

Remember when I posted about the Cantonese Festival at Hyatt City of Dreams' The Cafe last month, and told you that that was a good one? Scratch that. This is better.

From July 17 until the 24th of the current year, Chef Ajith Kumar creates fine-tuned traditional Indian dishes along with The Cafe's routine favorites. There are imaginative offshoots here and there, but majority are oeuvres that hits the very core of Indian cuisine...and they are really fantastic!

Clockwise from left to right: Prawn Curry with Mango, Chicken Curry, Mutton Gosht Rogan, and Chicken Tikka

As expected, a spectacle of golden and deep browns dominates the spread. The Mutton Gosht Rogan lords over the rest in this particular station with its well-marinated meat chunks pepped up with various spices. Heavenly! Same goes for the Prawn Curry with Mango. It conjures a good battle between sweet and spicy. The Chicken Curry packs a full range of flavor that one would expect from this famous Indian dish while the Chicken Tikka retains maximum succulent factor in its interior.

I couldn't get enough mixing and matching Bhatoora, Papadum, and Naan bread with the different dips such as Raita and Chutneys! Yes, I know you can't see them because they're all covered. Photo fail.

Put a generous drizzle of the Dal Makhani on the Biryani, mix them up well, and you'll have one of the tastiest pairings you'll ever have in your life! Both are aesthetically uncomplicated, but with maximum impact. I also used the Dal Makhani as a dip for the Bhatoora, and the result is perfect, too! I drizzled some over the Samosa {one of the superstars of this particular buffet} as well. Delicious!!!

The Mayura Wagyu, apltly named "The Beast", commands attention with its massive size at the other station. The heavily pampered cattle's meat, livened with the sauce of your choosing, is amazingly tender. 

Right beside the Mayura Wagyu are the grilled skewers - Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Seafood.

When I had my fill of the wagyu {an amount that would last me for a week}, I took a delicious detour to where the fishes are. The Baked Trevally with Mustard Yogurt and the Salt-Baked Salmon are divine!

Sweets include the Carrot Halwa, Gulab Jamun, Rice Kheer, and Barfi. The Carrot Halwa is the one I want to propose marriage to. A silky sticky concoction of milk, butter, sugar, nuts, spices, and of course, carrots. Palate blown!  

Chef Ajith Kumar from Hyatt Regency India


Lunch (Mon-Wed)                           PhP 1,388 net
Lunch (Thu-Sat)                              PhP 1,488 net
Lunch (Sun)                                     PhP  1,988 net
Dinner (Mom-Wed)                         PhP 1,888 net
Dinner (Thu-Sun)                            PhP 1,988 net

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