Yakumi Solaire's Saturday Brunch Buffet

Given the current onslaught of buffet places in the Metro, I will not be surprised if a couple of food lovers have entries of the ones they like in Google Sheets. Think about it? How many have you been to since January of this year? It's not that I'm complaining or anything; as a matter of fact, I welcome this delicious change. Progress!

Here's another one to add to your list! The restaurant is not exactly new, but Solaire's Yakumi has recently restarted their Saturday Brunch Buffet, and it is good!

Yakumi's kitchen is ruled by Chef Norimasa Kosaka, whose specialty includes kaiseki {a traditional Japanese multi-course meal that comes with a hefty price tag}, sushi and sashimi. Doing magical creations alongside Chef Kosaka inside the kitchen is former Nobu Tokyo chef, Shinobu Endo. 

The spread that the chefs created - though nominal compared with the other buffet haunts in the same category - is admirable, ideal, and well-prepared. No dish is truly revolutionary; instead, you'll be served with straightforwardly genuine Japanese cuisine with a side of omotenashi.

Bay view

On the right side of the entrance is a room dedicated solely to chahan {Japanese fried rice}. You know what? If someone locks me up in this room for three days, I'd be totally okay with it. 

The chef happily showing off his fiery skill

I'd be happy with the chahan alone! Every morsel is chubby, has a good bite, and perfectly flavored. You can choose what you want the chef to put in your bowl. I opted for the "everything" option. That blurred beauty at the background is a huge plate of grilled kobe beef! You don't want to miss that!


Udon noodle soup with wakame

Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Shrimps, Grilled Tuna Skewers

Yakumi sources high quality seafood from the world famous Tsukiji Market! I'm not exactly sure where they're going to buy their seafood from once the market closes down this coming November to give way to the Olympic buildings that will be built in the area.

The salmon sashimi wows to no end along with the different nigiris, temakis, and makimonos. Freshly grated wasabi is available to your heart's content, too.



Deep-fried Tofu, Pork Stew, Edamame

We abused their selection of prime cuts one too many. Hold on. Isn't that the sole purpose of a buffet's existence? Anyway, always ask for newly cooked ones {there's an already-grilled-and-ready-to-eat version right beside the noodle station}, and get ready to be amazed! I'm absolutely smitten by these excellently seasoned tender chunks. 

There's also a room just for crepes! 

Yakumi's dessert selection can vie with the best. The ones that I got more than one of are as follows: Red Bean Mousse, Cherry and Blueberry Paris-Brest, Strawberry Sake with Yuzu and Red Sisho, Crepe, and Mochi. 

The ones I posted is not the entire spread. There's much more that you can look forward to at Yakumi's Saturday Brunch!

Buffet Rates: Php 2,688+ Php 688+ unlimited drinks Prices are in PHP, VAT-inclusive, and subject to 10% service charge. Please inform our servers if you are suffering from food allergies.

Yakumi's Saturday Brunch can be enjoyed every Saturday from 11:30AM until 2:00PM.

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Onward and Upward!


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