Hey Handsome's Smart Take on Peranakan Cuisine

The name is clever, the service is commendable, and the food is supreme. Oh, and there's the hip interior that fits the energy of the young crew. What makes Hey Handsome a breakout brand this year is its grit. Seriously, the balls of this team to release culturally complex dishes in a nation where safe versions are loved. Respect.

They're not one of those uberly complicated dishes with absurd extras {ex. "I added a splash of unicorn sweat for some umami smoothness"} that will only be enjoyed and understood by chefs. It appeals to the palate of normal folks like me.

They're not trying to be complicated for the sake of. The dishes are really like that to begin with. The chefs are simply whip-smart {literally in this case}, I guess. They know how to execute them well, and add a few twists that's uniquely theirs.

Hey Handsome BGC

The team is headed by Your Local and Singapore-trained chef, Nicco Santos. They showcase various Asian influences with Peranakan Cuisine as the principal. The hybrid creations - with its heavy use of spices, herbs, and roots - are either deliciously spicy, sharp or both. 

What's in the name: It's a playful jeer that Singaporeans utter to lure in customers to their food establishments.

Hey Handsome's Smart Take on Peranakan Cuisine

I'm not sure if being handsome is a major requirement here, but coincidentally, the male crew are exactly that. The female crew are easy on the eyes as well!

Hey Handsome BGC interior

The interior is the total opposite of the dishes served here. They made it as simple as possible without compromising the industrial funk.

Hey Handsome BGC Fried Egg Salad
Fried Egg Salad  PhP250

I just have to start with this one because it is the bee's knees!  First of all, there's a heavy load of wansoy in it. That's a big yay for me! The Fried Egg Salad is also leavened with ground sausages, other herbs, bits of chili pepper, and of course, deep-fried eggs

Hey Handsome BGC Beef Pancake
Beef Pancake  PhP 400

The Beef Pancake is a brand-new inclusion in Hey Handsome's dinner menu, and it is fantastic! Tenderly toothsome beef short ribs with herbs are wrapped in spiced pancakes. You want to be a little generous with the yogurt. It brings in an addictive punch.

Hey Handsome BGC Soft Soft Tofu
Soft Soft Tofu  PhP 280

One adjective is not enough to emphasize the softness of the kinu tofu hence the dual word. Tofu can be a little boring sometimes, but this one is anything but. The delicate squares are properly flavored with century egg and bonito flakes. 

Hey Handsome BGC Laap Phet
Laap Phet  PhP 400

Even if I eat three of this, I don't think that would be enough to tide me over until my next visit. It looks like an experiment during Botany class, but boy is it good! There's minced duck in it, various herbs, and thanks to the charred cabbage, smoky notes hits your senses in every bite! Amazing!

Hey Handsome BGC Bebek Penyet
Bebek Penyet  PhP 780

My friend Richie kept raving about this all throughout our dinner and up until this day! And that guy is really picky! Hey Handsome is like a Fear Factor for him. This was another remarkable specimen by the team.  The rich white pekin duck is tamed by the nasi ulam {rice with herbs} and achar {pickles}. There's duck egg included in the mix, too. Together, they create a sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy explosion.

Hey Handsome BGC Nam Tok
Nam Tok  PhP 700

Every dish smells fantastic! If they bottle the aroma, I would gladly wear it. Seriously. This Nam Tok is no exception. The barbecued beef short ribs slides off the bone easily, and is accompanied by som tam and khao man for maximum enjoyment.

Hey Handsome BGC Buah Keluak
Buah Keluak  PhP 640

Buah Keluak is a traditional Peranakan dish cooked with Pangium edule nuts. Hunks of tender lamb is buried under the mountain of crispy shrimp paste chips {belachan krupuk/kropek}. It comes with nasi ulam, and for extra flavor, sambal matah. I was waiting for that pleasure-killer lamb aftertaste. There was none. Fine food science right here.

Hey Handsome BGC Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak  PhP 720

Ah, finally! Something familiar! We've all had at one point in our existence a Nasi Lemak, right? I was trying to recall the ones I had before for comparison. Time have scratched away the remnants, but this definitely goes right on top. The dynamic fusion is composed of seabass otah {ladened with spices, herbs, coconut}, ikan bilis {anchovy}, pickled egg, sambal {hot sauce}, and peanut brittle. 

The cocktails and mocktails are just as exciting! I was still on antibiotic that's why I opted for the latter. There are three choices to date: Malic Milk {yuzu yogurt, Thai chili, passion fruit, butter}, Donkey Punch {passionfruit, lengkuas, elderflower}, and Cherry Pop {lemonade, rosemary, cherry}.

Yogurt  PhP 200

I like the taste and textural contrast of this one - house yogurt, black sesame, and beetroot. It's not too sweet either.

Durian Cream Puff  PhP 250

I have a love-hate relationship with durian. I love the taste, but hate the smell. Remember what I said earlier about putting the aroma in a bottle? This is not part of that. It's really good, though. A blast of durian-heavy pâte à choux with chia seeds, side-smothered with chocolate. 

Don't just put much stock in my words here because this is one of those places where you have to really go to appreciate the dishes served. It's not like a familiar dish that you can read a few lines about, maybe take a quick glance at the photo then immediately accept the gist as gospel truth. You really have to go to know. Me, I'm just happy that Hey Handsome lived up to its hype. If you're not sure which one to try first, ask one of the friendly staff. They will be happy to give you the 411 on everything.

They only serve dinner for now, but Hey Handsome will be open for lunch very soon!

Hey Handsome
G/F Net Park Building, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Telephone No.: (+632) 946-3815
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 6 to 10pm
Facebook: Handsome Come
Instagram: @handsomecome

Onward and Upward!


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