Grind Bistro: Beyond Great Burgers

I've been hearing things about the burgers at Grind Bistro at Net Park building in BGC. Suffice it to say that those things are enough to stir up my willing palate. Now here's the thing, I'm not heavily into burgers; not as much as my friend Richie. I do, however, enjoy a good one from time to time. Fortunately, Grind Bistro produces really good burgers plus desserts, and everything in between!

Grind is an all-American bistro conceptualized by former hoteliers, Steven and Cristina Carl. There are some experiential twists at Grind, but more than anything, the couple focuses on the quality of the ingredients. Another great thing about Grind is that they make everything in-house.

Tomato Bique  PhP 220  /  Asparagus Soup  PhP 220

My friends told me that the Tomato Bisque is more than just a belly-warmer. I'd take there word for it. I forbid myself to try it for fear of hyperacidity backlash. I really liked the Asparagus Soup, though. The pureed soup is not overly thick, and comes with an even flavor that doesn't dull out your taste buds for the rest of the meal. 

Grind Bistro Net Park BGC Shrimp Popcorn
Popcorn Shrimp

Another option on the menu that made me happy was the Popcorn Shrimp! Plump shrimps lightly coated with tempura batter before being generously drizzled with unagi sauce and wasabi aioli. 

Grind Bistro Net Park BGC Poke Nachos
Poke Nachos  PhP 495

This blooming bowl of sweet potato and taro chips centered with poke definitely hit my sweet spot! Subtlety is not part of this wonderful appetizer. Thank F for that. Each chip doled with poke yields different tastes, with spicy hugging your tongue the most. I love it! Boo part: the ratio of chips per poke is not quite right.

Nutty Black Chicken  PhP 595

This delightfully interesting huge and tender piece of chicken fillet with black tempura coating can pique anyone's curiosity. It's accessorized with hazelnut romesco, sweet chili sauce, and fried garlic slivers. 

Grind Bistro Net Park BGC Corned beef on rye
Corned Beef on Rye  PhP 395

The star of Grind Bistro is definitely the burgers, but don't discount the power of this Corned Beef on Rye just yet! This one can make everything that's going on wrong in your life right...or make you feel better, at the very least. The 8-day cured corned beef is jazzed up with coleslaw and lots of stringy cheese! Oh, and it's further amplified by their very own SSSS {Super Secret Special Sauce}. 

Grind Bistro Net Park BGC Burger
Heat Burger  PhP 450

I only took a small bite of this spicy mount, but that's enough for me to consider this downright yum! This jaw breaker of a burger's spice level is not enough to make you breathe fire or cause a hole in your stomach, but it's an almost. The delicious hand-pressed, 100% all-beef patty comes with battered onion rings and the usuals {tomato, lettuce, and cheese}. The combination of Chipotle barbecue sauce and Spicy Mayo makes this one a real winner. 

Grind Bistro Net Park BGC Sliders
Sliders  PhP 395

These quality sliders are worth a try, too! More than the embellishments, it's the patty that makes these Sliders fantastic. They smother each with Grind's Burger Butter {there should be a TM there somewhere, yeah?}. They're perfectly griddled up to the point of caramelization. 

Salmon Fillet  PhP 650

Perched on top of this enjoyable pink hunk is edamame and wakame. A blast of extra flavor comes in the form of lemon syrup.

S'mores and Hot Cocoa  PhP 380

What can I say about Grind's S'mores and Hot Cocoa? Well, if I haven't tried it yet, and someone told me about this dessert and saw a photo of it, I'd definitely feel sorry for myself. If you've tried this one, you know that what I just said is a valid reaction.

The marshmallow coats a scoop of vanilla ice cream then blowtorched. Fanned around the edges are dark chocolate-coated potato chips! All of that is blanketed by creamy hot cocoa! Win!

Grind Bistro
G/F Net Park Building
5th Avenue, BGC, Taguig
Facebook: Grind Bistro
Instagram: @grindbistro

Onward and Upward!


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