Indulging Responsibly with Cocoro's Organic Coco Sap Sugar

I first heard about coconut sugar from my diabetic brother-in-law. Obviously, he can't live without sugar hence the disease. Anyway, his endocrinologist told him to exclusively use coco sugar. He relayed the message to me because he knew how much sugar I put in my coffee, and how paranoid I am about blood sugar levels. See the irony?

Indulging Responsibly with Cocoro's Organic Coco Sap Sugar

Coco sugar comes from the sap of a coconut palm. What makes coco sugar a better option is its low glycemic index. I'm gonna geek out for a second here: experts say that food or soluble carbohydrates that have low glycemic index {less than 55} will not create an instant rise in blood sugar level. 

Will exclusively using coco sugar make your blood sugar levels at a healthy rate? Of course not. Having diabetes or insulin resistance is a combination of different factors - some you can modify, others {such as genes} you're born with.

The American Diabetes Association gives it "okay" for diabetics to use coco sugar as a sweetener, but warns that it should be treated like a regular sugar still.

I've tried a couple of other coco sugar brands in the market, and I can confidently say that Cocoro's Dark Caramel is by far the best. The grains are bigger, making the caramel taste a little more pronounced. It's so good with coffee! I sometimes take a pinch and eat it as is when I badly need a sugar fix. I do that with Muscovado too sometimes.

Cocoro comes in two variants: Dark Caramel {all the photos here} and the Ivory. The Dark Caramel is really, really good to begin with. Its granulated sugar counterpart is the brown sugar. It's best for coffee, tea, chocolate, and caramel recipes. The Ivory is the lighter version {white sugar}. It complements light citrus, vanilla custards, ice cream, and yogurt recipes. 

Cocoro also claims that their products contain only 2% fructose, making it a good choice for those who are trying to lose weight. 

Just like all other things in life, coco sugar should be used in moderation or as Cocoro suggests #IndulgeResponsibly. If you're curious where to buy one, you can find Cocoro sugar at these establishments

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