Prime Cuts and Exciting Cocktails at Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 Arya Residences BGC

There is definitely no shortage of steakhouses in Manila, and each one has a little something that makes it stray away from the rest. In Foundy by Smith and Butcher 1912's case, it is the Irish beef. It is, as of this writing, exclusive to Foundry according to its culinary honcho, Chef Tom Hines. 

That's one hell of a meat, I'm telling you. 

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 Tuna Poke

Just like its predecessor, Smith Butcher, Foundry is a steak-centric establishment. They serve prime cuts of meat, dry-aged or wet-aged, and all sourced internationally. But they don't exist to solely please the meatheads. There are dishes on their menu other than steaks. We were able to try one, and it was delicious! 

I'm talking about the Tuna Poke above. Slight theatrics come into play for this one. The extra flavor in the yellow fin tuna - sourced from Meliomar - is courtesy of the maple smoke that fills the glass cloche.

This was both a treat to watch and eat! The tuna are laced with a generous mix of wasabi, calamansi juice, and sesame oil.

Prime Cuts and Exciting Cocktails at Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912

We all got a sampler of Foundry's best along with extras that made each meat extra special. Glistening proudly on your left is a thick slice of Wagyu Lengua (beef tongue) with black truffle sauce. 

Right next to that is what I've been raving about since the beginning of this blog: Irish Beef. After that is the Prime U.S. Angus Rib-eye, and last, but definitely not the least is the French Charolais.

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 Irish Beef Rib Eye French Charolais

What's great about indulging in a steak sampler/steak tease is that you can effectively do a side-by-side comparison of the beef. I appreciated the quality of Foundry's beef better this way. 

Don't get me wrong, though. I still love the normal serving size, of course, and I would take that over a sampler. What I'm simply saying is that, if you want to appreciate the meat and figure out which one will be your ultimate go-to steak someday, then the sampler is the way to go. 

You know years ago, I thought that all these techniques that producers use to create the perfect beef are just a way to jack up the prices, or marketing fluff at best. I was wrong. There really is a difference, and one way to realize that is through a sampler such as this one.  

Anyway, Chef Tom Hines told us that he is thinking of including steak sampler in Foundry's menu. I think that it's a great inclusion. It will benefit the ambivalent eaters out there.

I've never been too fond of lengua. It's a combination of factors really - texture and the fact that it is a tongue. Thanks to the blast of wonderful flavors from the black truffle sauce, this slice of lengua turned out to be oh-so memorable!  

The Irish Beef was a revelation. There are a lot of technicalities {grass-fed, type of grass, sustainability, etc.} about this beef that's battling for mindshare. It's also been dry-aged for 45 days. The result? A palate-shattering distinct flavor that needs little to no add-on, period.

The Prime U.S. Angus Rib-eye was cooked to perfection; exaggerating its tenderness factor. Speaking of tenderness, the French Charolais trumps the rib-eye, and it was flavorful, too.

The sampler was served with a jigger of black truffle sauce, whole grain mustard, dijon mustard, and that wonderful steak rice! Jesus!     

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 dessert

The Apple Crumble - you absolutely must try that! It's rippled with sweet apple clusters, a chewy base, and crunchy toppings. 

You can get your sweet endings on the second floor, which is Foundry's Bar. Furnished with jewel-toned velvet sofas and brass tables, the bar can be a good respite after a long day or after devouring a gigantic steak. It's the kind of bar where you can actually hear what your friend is saying, or also known as A Gen Xer's Kind of Bar. 

The furniture at the main dining area is by Prizmic and Brill, by the way. I forgot to ask who made the ones at the bar, though. 
Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912 Bar Cocktails

The mixologist, Milena Matjosaityte, know her stuff well! She created a few drinks for us - from reinvented classics to her very own inventions. The question is not whether we like each. The dilemma here is how to unlike them!   

My new poisons are Te-Quil-A-Dragon {above} and Isla {below}. The first one is an interesting blend of 1800 Blanco Tequila, tamarind, egg whites, and dragon fruit. Green tea sea salt was stenciled on top in the form of a mustache. I don't doubt that it can do what the name of the cocktail suggests. It was strong. So delicious, but strong.

The Isla, on the other hand, is a tropical-inspired elixir with ingredients such as Grey Goose Vodka and juices from local fruit favorites such as pineapple. It's a pre-dinner cocktail that I wished to be served during and even after. Great stuff!

Prime Cuts and Exciting Cocktails at Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912

Foundry by Smith Butcher 1912
The Plaza, The Arya Residences
McKinley Parkway, BGC, Taguig City
Tel. No.: (+63977) 841.53.78

Onward and Upward!


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