Shoe Lust: Feit Hand Sewn Shoes

Feit Hand Sewn Leather Shoes

Feit Hand Sewn Leather Shoes

When I first saw a pair of Feit {pronounced like fight} shoes, I was like, "okaaaayyyy, how many days will one have to walk awkwardly so as not to create a crease on a new pair?" They're so sleek! How many of you are guilty of that new shoes code? It can't just be me!

Feit was founded by Tull Price - same guy behind Rag & Bone's footwear line. He calls it "neo luxury". They focus on quality rather than mass production; something I admire in a brand. Most of the pairs are made with vegetable-tanned cow hide leather rubbed with codfish oil as a finishing touch. They use suede for the other pairs. All are, however, assembled by hand. 

I like that the designs are timeless rather than trendy. When you're a score away from the age of arthritisdom, you can't help but be beguiled by that.

You can have some Feit here!

Image Source: FEIT

Onward and Upward!


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