Shoe Lust: Sabah - Updated Traditional Turkish Shoes

sabah shoes turkey

sabah shoes turkey

sabah shoes turkey handmade

These Sabah shoes embodies the kind of shoes I want to have now and always. They look like they can give your feet gentle hugs while doing an all-day walkathon. Some of my family members might read this and start making a snarky comment or two about the statement I just made. Calm down, people. It's just an analogy. I can't do an all-day walkathon, of course.

Anyway, the company's owner, Mickey Ashmore, was gifted a pair of traditional Turkish shoes. That pair spawned into a brand. Each pair is handmade in Turkey using the traditional techniques that is uniquely theirs. Sure, the design is uniformed, but the minute deviation that comes from handmade products makes each one different, and I like that. Perfection is boring. Also, they come in various colors and textures. See? Adore!

Image source: @thesabahdealer

Onward and Upward!


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