Dimsum Nights at Makati Shangri-La's Shang Palace

My Chinese friend told me that dim sum should only be enjoyed during breakfast, brunch, and lunch, but never for dinner. Is that true? I'm not Chinese, so I really wouldn't know the protocol for such.

But then again, I'm not a stickler for protocols when it comes to food. I enjoy pancakes for dinner or whenever I feel like it. I don't know. I've always believed that delayed gratification doesn't apply to food.

I'm thankful for establishments that go against such from time to time like Makati Shangri-La. We had dim sum there for dinner a couple of nights ago, and it was wonderful!

That's a lot of dim sum, I must admit. But even if there's an overkill in this photo, please do not confuse this with the well-loved PhP888 eat-all-you-can dim sum of Makati Shangri-la's Shang Palace. The Shang Palace Dim Sum Nights is priced per dish or dim sum.

At PhP 188, this Spinach Dumplings Stuffed with Shrimps is practically a steal. The inclusion of spinach in there would make you think that these will be heavily dependent on the condiments. I'm talking about you - the veggie-aversed people of the world. I thought so too, to be honest. But these little pouches of satisfaction can do without. 

And then there's the Steamed Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumplings or Har Gaw {PhP 258}. If you can make a classic this good, then you barely need not worry about the rest. The skin was thick enough without a doughy feel or aftertaste, and the filling was rightfully flavored. 

But if you're really into veggies, you'd be happy to know that they have a strictly vegetarian dim sum menu.

The Barbecued Pork Pie {PhP 193/3 pcs.} was one of the crowd-pleasers of the night. The soft, flaky buns are generously filled with the smoky barbecued minced pork.

Although one of the tame players on the list, the enjoyable factor of the good 'ol  Steamed Pork Dumplings with Fish Roe {PhP 228/4 pcs.} or Siu Mai cannot be discounted. First of all, they're perfectly steamed. It doesn't have those nasty dried-up wrapper parts that can serve as a siu mai cautionary tale. Secondly, they're huge, and just downright delicious. These have been created so good that all the other steamed pork dumplings in Manila are jealous.

I must admit, the Steamed Beef Balls {PhP 188/4 pcs.} don't look like much, but I swear on the beef ball gods that these provide an endless font of yum.

Sure, the others are good, but I must say, the star of Shang Palace's Dim Sum Nights is the Lotus Leaves Pearl Chicken {PhP203/3 pcs.}. And this comes from someone who hates machang. The leaves sweet-scented the sticky rice, tender chicken bites, and salted egg really well. I love how all the flavors just wonderfully merged together to form an addicting wrap.

Shang Palace's Radish Cake always makes a big impression. Each crispy block is rightfully heated thanks to the XO sauce. I would easily eat one order of this if only my hyperacidity would cooperate.

I obviously picked the ones that I liked best. There are lots to choose from on the menu. Create your own favorites! Dimsum Nights at Makati Shangri-La's Shang Palace is on until the 30th of June 2017 only!

Shang Palace
2/F Makati Shangri-la Hotel Manila
Ayala Ave., cor Makati Ave.,
Makati City, Philippines
Contact No.: (+632) 814.25.80
Facebook: Makati ShangriLa
Twitter: @MakatiShangriLa

Onward and Upward!


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