Amorita Resort Bohol: A Modern Luxury Retreat on Top of a Limestone Cliff

I'm definitely not alone in loving Amorita Resort in Bohol. Condé Nast Johansens gave its stamp of approval this year for the resort's excellent service. And if you have experienced its first-rate service, you'd know that the recognition is well-deserved. But that's not the only thing I like about Amorita Resort. Here's the rest of my list:

> The rooms are huge and excellently designed
> They serve good food. This is for my next post, though.
> Quiet atmosphere. If you're over the seen-and-be-seen resorts, this one's for you.
> The location is just perfect! It's perched on top of a limestone cliff which would quell any fear you have in case of a tsunami. I feel you. I'm paranoid about that, too.
> FREE minibar!!!

Amorita Resort Bohol Saffron Restaurant

I know that I've just made supreme claims, but these are all based on a personal experience. I've rooted out two problems during our three-day stay, though. First was the safety of the stairs leading to the secret beach. It was questionable. Second was the minibar. I only found out that it was free the night before we left. I was pissed, of course. Wouldn't you be? It was a missed opportunity! I'm gonna let the second one slide because it was my fault. I assumed wrong.

Amorita Resort Bohol Saffron Restaurant

The unified "organic modern aesthetic" that made my heart skip a beat was orchestrated by Budji Layug and Royal Pineda. The building above is where Saffron and Tomar restaurants are housed. The Saffron offers buffet and √† la carte styles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tomar, on the second floor, is Amorita's tapas and pintxos bar. I'd gladly come back here even just for Tomar's paella negra!

Amorita Resort Bohol Infinity Swimming Pool
By Yedylicious

Amorita Resort Bohol Villa

The pathway along Amorita Resort's gorgeous villas. The Saffron, Tomar, and the bigger infinity pools are all dead ahead.

Amorita Resort Bohol Infinity Swimming Pool

There's still plenty of quiet space to relax even though the entire resort was booked solid.

Amorita Resort Bohol Swimming Pool Alona Beach

Above is the small infinity pool located near Amorita Resort's lobby. Right beside this swimming pool is Amorita's dive center which is operated by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors {PADI}. The stairs going to Alona Beach is also near this area.

Amorita Resort Panglao Bohol Deluxe Room

Amorita's Junior Suite is huge! All their rooms are, actually. But despite the size and the raw walls, there is a unique coziness that you will experience once you're inside. 

The rooms are great enough to stay in and binge-watch on HBO, or read your favorite page-turners all day long. But only crazy introverts would do that in a paradise called Panglao. There are so many things to do! Lots of places to explore! By the way, I belong to those group of crazies.

Amorita Resort Panglao Bohol Deluxe Room

Amorita Resort Panglao Bohol Deluxe Room

I love how the exposed concrete walls provide a relaxed unfinished look in each interior. The raw walls are softened by the wood that adorns the room, as well as the warm lighting all throughout. And then there's the sheets. Fluffs of heaven!

Who else is lusting over that wooden room divider?

Here's the great part about this muted design: the lush greens outside are highlighted, giving an excellent tonal contrast.  It's like you're looking at a painting or a real-life martinique when the curtains are drawn and the blinds pulled up! 

Listen up, midnight munchies lovers. Amorita Resort understands our late-night cravings. A fresh stash of comped desserts and fruit juices will be placed on the table near the lamp each day! And they're not just your average belly fillers. They're really good! You can also bring home the containers!

But wait! There's more! You can ransack the minibar without reservations, without any fear, and without the need to lie to the front desk about the missing overpriced diet soda. Everything that you see inside the fridge is free of charge!!! 

However, you still cannot, I repeat, you cannot take home the towels, nor the hair dryer, the soap dispenser, comforter, and the bayong bag. Boo!

I admit, I'm paranoid about tsunamis just like I am with the zombie apocalypse. But unlike the latter - which I admit is a little irrational - tsunamis are odds-on. I certainly won't let my fear of it forbid me from enjoying the beach, but I do wanna have a fighting chance when it happens. 

Amorita Resort is situated on top of a limestone cliff. This is what makes its location supreme. The cluster of buildings are far away from the edge of the cliff, too. I don't mind the short hike down the beach. I really don't. I'm happy to be on top!

Amorita Resort Panglao Bohol Alona Beach

Above is the private beach. It's access is on the left side of Saffron restaurant. You can do all your dramatic shots for Instagram right here. No one will bother you nor judge you. Trust me. 

I'm gonna leave you with this view for now because I'm gonna start working on my Amorita Resort Villa post. 

I really had a wonderful experience with my good friends. Amazing! Must go back to Bohol's "Little Darling" {what Amorita means, by the way} with my boys. I'm sure their gonna love it just as much as I do 

Amorita Resort
#1 Ester A. Lim Drive,
Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach
Panglao Island, Bohol
T: +63 38 502 9003
M: 0917 726 4526
Facebook: Amorita Resort
Twitter: @AmoritaResort
Instagram: @amoritaresortbohol

Onward and Upward!


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