Gen Korean BBQ House is Now Grilling at SM by the Bay

In this Metro, restaurants come and go, trends emerge, and international franchises arrive. Another one recently made its way to SM by the Bay: Gen Korean BB. Yes, it is an offshoot of the California-born restaurant that pride itself for an unlimited serving of premium meats. So, if you see a long queue, don't be surprised.

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay Banchan

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay Banchan

You'll be greeted by all sorts of mandatory banchan once seated. Just like most Korean restaurants, Gen Korean BBQ House is not strict when it comes to mixing and matching these sides. For extra boost, ask for some serving of garlic slices, green chilis, and ssamjang.

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay interior

The whole area - that has a Korean KTV vibe - can sit more than 500 guests. Booths for 4 to 6 persons are aplenty. Long tables for big groups are available as well. 

At PhP 798+ per person for a weekday lunch {with the exception of holidays}, this place is worth braving the daily EDSA carmageddon for. There are 25 items that you can go crazy at during lunch, and about 35 items for dinner. 

This is a place where your sense of time will be tested, though. You have to be mindful of it because, as of this writing, there is a 2-hour time limit here, whether you come in during a high traffic time slot or not. Is it enough? It was for my friends and I. Considering the amount of photos that we each took, we were able to eat everything we wanted within that time frame. A server/griller will be assigned to your table, so all you have to really do is eat. That helps a lot.

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay Banchan chadol

Premium chadol is something I'd gladly start with. Coming from a good breed, these thin slices of angus brisket are delicious! They get crispy easily on the grill which makes them more enjoyable to eat. This along with all variations of the bulgogi, samgyubsal, and chicken are all fail-proof table top grill items. The Red Wine Sambyubsal, for instance, is something to look forward to.

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay Jap Chae
Daechang / Nook Gan Sal / Jap Chae

I watched my Korean novela obsessed friend as she happily ate Deachang {large ox intestines} and Gobchang {small ox intestines} in between juicy stories. What's a meal without it, really? Anyway, I'm not really into ox intestines, so I just watched her munch them all. She gave her two thumbs up to both.

The Jap Chae is kept simple and sweet, but still tasty. It's only right given the number of meat that you're going eat. If you're still craving for the meatcentric type of Jap Chae, you can mix in a few slices of the bulgogi or chadol. Good, good!

Chadol / Red Wine Samgyubsal / Shrimp / Honey Chicken

Gen Korean BBQ House SM by the Bay steak

Blade steak, y'all! Don't worry about sharing this hunk because each one will get a piece. Grill it just right, and you'll be rewarded with a sumptuous meat that's begging to be dipped in sesame oil, kosher salt, or ssamjang. One problem I have with Gen Korean BBQ House is the rice. It's not as good as one would hope for; and given its importance to the meal and to 99.9% of the population, it's a bit of a let down. Too mushy.

Meat party!

Do check the wine list. It's extensive enough and good. You can also chug a beer and other alcoholic drinks while enjoying your grilled meats. Soju bombs are available, too!

Lunch - 25 items: PhP 798+ per person
                             11 am until 3 pm
                             Monday to Friday excluding holidays

Dinner - 35 items: PhP 1288+ per person
                              3 pm until 12 am

Gen Korean BBQ House
Bldg J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, 
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila
Operating Hours: 11AM – 12AM

Contact no.: (0945) 123.85.30
Instagram: @genkbbq_ph
Twitter: @genkbbq

Onward and Upward!


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