Cantonese Anew at Lung Hin

I've eaten my fair share of Lung Hin's offerings to consider it as a fantastic Cantonese restaurant. Thankfully, this one's never a hit-and-miss for me. Chef Terry Lai continuously serve impressive dishes that doesn't feel heavy nor greasy. Thank God for that.

This time around, we started our meal with a Prosperity Toss, Yu Sheng, or Lo-Hei. So, the goal of this long-held tradition is to bring those who will join the flinging of different ingredients good luck all throughout the year.

Each ingredient holds a particular meaning. For example, the salmon is supposed to bring forth abundance while the sauce is for attracting a sweeter life. 

The pepper symbolizes loads of money, and to give that one an extra boost, oil is added so that money will flow from all directions. Who doesn't want that?

The higher the toss, the more luck you'll have. The aftermath will create a huge pile of welcomed mess. Apparently, that adds to the amount of luck you'll have in a year as well.  

Do I believe in Yu Sheng? Well, China is predicted to dominate the global economy in 20 years, so yes, I definitely do.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Gold Leaf

I hope I can be as fancy as these dumplings.  Yes, a delicate piece of gold leaf tops each one. But that's not the criterion that makes these a noteworthy dim sum. For one, the translucent casing doesn't have that annoying starchy taste, plus it's sturdy and slightly chewy. Secondly, the filling is a flavorful experience.

Lung Hin's Peking Duck with Osmanthus Jelly and Potato Chip

If you want a textural and flavor-packed experience, Lung Hin's Peking Duck with Osmanthus Jelly and Potato Chip is your culinary jam. The deeply flavored skin  - which crackles at first bite - is followed by an equally tasty and tender meat. 

Sauteed Tiger Shrimp Ball in Supreme Chicken Stock

The way Chef Lai and his team cuts their tiger prawns amazes me. The way they cut it makes the tiger prawn tender and it also helps in absorbing more flavor as Chef Lai explains. Both worked well! This one's a very light dish. You could easily eat three and not feel an ounce of guilt.

Pan-Fried Grouper Fillet with Truffle Oil

Almost all of my lunch mates were bracing themselves for the braised abalone (a.k.a the highlight of the repertoire), but the pan-fried grouper fillet with truffle oil was the greatest hit for me. It's a straightforward dish with no fancy make-up. In other words, it looks boring, but the taste is anything but.

The fish had a clean, uber fresh taste plus a naturally sweet flavor. All of that goodness was coated with a well-seasoned batter. I think I'm always gonna swipe right for this one.

I liked the pan-fried grouper better, but that doesn't mean the abalone falls short of expectations. It was fantastic! The slightly sweet sauce toned down the saltiness of the abalone. It comes with a generous serving of Hong Kong dried sausage and waxed meat fried rice. 

Marco Polo Ortigas Lung Hin
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