Lub D Hostel Is Not Your Ordinary Hostel...Promise

Hostels are disgusting, dangerous, terrible. I'm not making these up. Try Googling "hostels are" and see what pops up.

Maybe most are. But stereotyping - be it a person or a place - is not something I'm fond. It's a faulty logic. There's always an exception to the rule.

And Lub D is one.

Lub D is a chain of hostels headquartered in Thailand. Lub D is actually a Thai term which means "sleep well". About two years ago, the company partnered with a Filipino investor to start the construction of what is now considered as the biggest hostel in Manila. 

Lub D is formally categorized as a hostel, but the management allows their guests to classify Lub D based on their experience. So if you feel that you've been given a hotel-like experience, feel free to refer to it as such. 

Full-disclosure: this is the first hostel that I've ever been to, so I really can't compare it with others. This one, however, will be my standard for all the other hostels that I will visit in the future. 

And may I say that the bar they've set is quite high. So, if I describe the rest with the negatives that I used in the beginning of this post, let it be known that Lub D's to be blamed.

What comes to your mind when you hear about food at budget accommodations? Be honest. It's usually the kind that challenges your gag reflex, right? Something to quell a hunger pang; nothing more. Sad, but true.

This is the opposite of. I appreciate the fact that Lub D makes an effort in providing their guests with good options.

They take food seriously here. Here's my supporting evidence to that statement: the same people behind Hey Handsome curate the dishes at Lub D's deli. Those who have tried Hey Handsome's dishes know what I'm talking about. 

Chef Nicco Santos was a no-show when we went. But the equally brilliant Chef Queenie Villar (below) was there to work her magic.

As expected, the food was all kinds of yum. I only got to try the Malay Chicken Curry and the Tinapa and Pesto Pasta because I was a a rush that day.

The entire menu's not too stiff, by the way. Most dishes cost less than PhP 250. I've yet to try their coffee, though. I'll be back for that one.

Intimidating the guests with formality is not part of Lub D's DNA. They refuse to create a barrier between the guest and the staff, that's why they omitted the usual front desk setting in their lobby.

In lieu of, they have a desk {literally} with a couple of desktops which guests can use to check-in. A guest will still be assisted by a staff, of course.

Amenities include a Skype booth, a movie room (my favorite), a co-working space, and a gaming room.

The staff are, get this, allowed to have a round of foosball or billiards with guests! They're actually encouraged to do so. 

That kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term 'customer service', don't you think?


Gone are the days of me picturing hostels with dormitory-style rooms. The Barkada Room (above) is perfect for a family or a group of 4. 

It's a high-ceiling duplex with 4 separate beds - 2 below and 2 above. The bed (above) are actually two single beds that were adjoined.

I'm really big on bed sheets, mattresses, and pillows. I'm not even gonna apologize for that fetish. They have to have the triple S - smooth, super clean, and soft.

Lub D's bedding game is strong; not just in this room, but all of the hostel's rooms. Surprised? ME TOO! I was really surprised by that one. I was kind of expecting, at most, a partially gritty bedding.

For the room's price, I'd have to conclude this as a hashtag blessed type of room. There's really no other way to describe it. I really do hope it stays that way.

The bedroom and the ensuite bathroom are stocked with essentials such coffee maker, hair dryer, and a safe.


Again, guests can choose between a Junior Room with a king-sized bed or two single beds. This room comes with an ensuite and yes, plush sheets!


The 8-bed dormitory is equipped with curtains to ensure that guests will have their privacy while catching some zzzzss. 

Each pod has its own Universal socket, USB charging port, and a reading light. There's a shared bathroom just right beside this dormitory.

Lub D completely exceeded my expectations. It's definitely a game changer. I really do hope that they will continue to maintain the level of service, cleanliness of rooms, and of course, the good food.

Lub D Makati
7820 Makati Ave, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
Contact no.: (02) 541.63.58
Facebook: Lub D Hostel
Instagram: @lubdhostel
Twitter: @Lub_D

Onward and Upward!


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