The Great Sunday Brunch at Raffles Makati's Mirèio

I have to say, this experience was better than the last. Now don't get me wrong, the last one was good, too. But this, this was fantastic!

Yes, the Great Sunday Brunch at Raffles Makati's Mireio was exactly that. Well, it is for me...and those who were with me that day think so, too. Mirèio is a Provençal-inspired restaurant; but for this gastronomic feast, Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne and Chef Herve Clair tapped into the culinary banks of various countries as well. Successfully, if I may add.

Now about the food.

We all know that a buffet (especially the big ones) have dishes that are pure perfection, and then there are some that fails to hit the mark. I don't think it's acceptable, but, unfortunately, it is what it is

Having said that, I'm not exaggerating when I say that everything that I've tried in this spread was pure bliss. I usually start with what's foreign - or at least those that that I don't eat on a regular basis - then eat my way up to the familiar.

Who doesn't love a restaurant with a view? Especially if that view is paired with good food and a good date. You feel me, ladies? Makati doesn't have picture-perfect panoramas, but I still appreciate the floor-to-ceiling windows of Raffles Makati's Mirèio. There's an abundance of natural light for food shots; and at night, the city's skyline creates a romantic setting.

It's raining like crazy as I write this post, so my craving for Mirèio's Bouillabaisse overpowers my need to finish the book that I bought yesterday. No, the craving is not just because of the weather, it's because of the taste, too.

Mirèio serves up an amazing version of this Provençal classic. That thing can feed one's soul. To start with, the quality of the base broth is utter perfection. They used various fishes that're originally from Provence, sucked out all its flavor until the broth is perfectly infused with it. 

You can customize it to your heart's content. As for me, I just let the chef dump all the seafood in. Since they come in small bowls, I easily drained the first one out in seconds. I had three more after that.  

I'm really not a huge fan of beef tartare, but the seafood kind is a whole new story. It's been said that the best tartare will make you forget that you're eating raw meat or seafood. Mission accomplished. There's salmon, tuna, and scallops. I personally like the salmon. That one mixed with complementing elements such as shallots, cilantro, and chives plus a splash of EVOO or vinegar is hard to resist. 

Mirèio's got everything you need for a high-quality brunch including tartines! There are three varieties that showcases the quality (and colors!) of the ingredients that were carefully handpicked by the chef. One is the Smoked Salmon with Green Apple; Green Peas and Guacamole; and my favorite, Bayonne Ham with Ricotta. 

They've been scrutinized and shamed for far too long. But whatever crazy allegations some people say, one thing's certain: carbs are delicious! And that's one of the reasons why the risotto live station is one of the most beloved. The other reason is that it's - you guessed it right - delicious.

Various kinds of mushrooms were added into the creamy risotto, bestowing earthiness into the rice. You can ask for extra butter if that's your thing. It is my thing, and I love it! Also cheese. Don't be afraid to ask for extra Parmesan shavings.

We all bellied up to the bar for a serving or three of the Porchetta, Leg of Lamb, and the insanely-delicious-Lord-that's-fantastic-meat Australian Wagyu Steak. Hey, it's not an easy task, but someone's gotta do it, right?

If there's one thing that makes me extra excited about buffets, it's seafood. Sure, I  fell head over heels with the wagyu steak, but seafood is my ultimate indulgence. If I have to choose between steak and say, lobster, I'd definitely go for the latter.

And there's a variety to be had in this buffet! All ready for the taking! They have a list of ways in which you can have your seafood cooked. There's the simple yet satisfying seafood sauteed in garlic & butter, Singaporean style, and seafood baked with cheese.

One bite and you could immediately tell that this cow lived a good life - great diet, perfect environment, no stress. This rich-tasting, succulent, and tender pieces of beautiful meat are meant to be enjoyed without any add-ons. But since I love to dress my meat a little, I added mustard, horseradish cream, and red wine sauce. It's also good to smear a bit of foie gras as you go. 

By the way, if you like your steak well done, go for it. Some people might raise an eyebrow about your choice because they like their steak slightly kissed by a flame or extra bloody. That's their thing. It makes them happy. Life's complicated as it is. The way you enjoy your food shouldn't be. Your steak, your choice. 

This perfectly seared foie gras is a delicacy on its own, but paired with wagyu steak, it becomes extra enjoyable!

I always try to exercise some restraint when picking out my favorites from the cheese and charcuterie portion of a buffet. Well, truth be told, not all hedonistic spreads have commendable ones. This one has. You can easily gorge on the fine choices of cheese, cured meats, and that amazing goat terrine! 

Who else sneaks a bite of eclair or macaron in between enjoying portions of entrees? No? Maybe it's just me. But how could I not? They're right there -  Chocolate Truffles, Pistachio Eclair, Black Emperor Cake, Calamansi Macaron, Ube Macaron, and other deliciously colorful bites of happiness!

If you haven't tried it yet, I just want you to know that Raffles Makati makes killer macarons. The taste, texture, and variety are superb. 

The Great Sunday Brunch at Raffle Makati's Mireio  is not your usual gastronomic-centered brunch. It is actually a complete experience; and a great one, too.

Available every Sundays from 12 noon up to 3 p.m. Price PhP 2,450. There's an additional charge of PhP 850 for unlimited wines, sodas, fruit juices, and selected cocktails. You can also enjoy unlimited serving of Taittinger Champagne for PhP 1,288.

9th Floor Raffles Makati
1 Raffles Drive Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. (+632) 555.98.88
Facebook: Raffles Makati
Twitter: @rafflesmakati
Instagram: @rafflesmakatihotel

Onward and Upward!


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