BeepBeep.Ph: A Reliable One-Stop Site for Auto Services

I can honestly say that is reliable because I tried one of their many services a few nights ago. 

Beepbeep's one of those things that you wish you'd never need. But then again, it's the kind of site that you'll be happy to bookmark - or add their number to your speed dial. I'm glad I did both, by the way. 

I'm blogging about it because I'm so impressed with how they handled my dilemma last Saturday. Actually, surprised is the better word. The efficiency of service {especially, customer service} here in PHL is usually terrible. Hi, PLDT! 

This is the reason why I still get shocked when a company or business entity goes beyond the bare minimum because it's not the norm here, and that sucks.

Oh, by the way, big shout-out to the BeepBeep staff who responded to my SMS immediately, CK. She started with these few calming words: "I'm on it." Small words with big meaning. That really helped suppress any heightened emotion I was feeling at that time. 

As a customer, the worse thing that a company rep can do is to give false hope - "yes, we will get it fixed" or "the tow truck will be there in a minute", etc. The only way for a tow truck to get to me in that amount of time is for it to fly. Nothing takes a minute here.

Unless the service provider is willing and able to deliver what was promised, then false hope should be avoided at all cost. Hi again, PLDT.

Totally unrelated, but worth mentioning: when it comes to customer service, Zappos is unbeatable. Tony Hsieh {Zappos' CEO} and his friends were craving for pizza one night, but the hotel's room service was closed for the night. 

Tony Hsieh told his friend to call Zappos' hotline and ask the customer service rep to look for a pizza place that's still open. Hsieh knew how great their customer service at that point, but he probably wanted to check how the customer service rep would handle the crazy request. 

The customer service rep had zero clue who the caller was, by the way. So to make the long story short, the customer service rep ordered the pizza and had it delivered to their hotel. Zappos, for those who are not aware, sells shoes.

My BeepBeep experience

The reason why I reached out to BeepBeep was because of an overheating problem. I tried them out because I wanted to save some time by not calling each and every towing company within the area for a quote. I just wanted the car to be towed immediately so that I can go home to my boys.

Plus, I've always been wary about towing services. I just feel like a small fraction of them will take advantage of the situation by jacking up the price. 

Beepbeep handled everything for me. They asked me these things before assigning the right towing company:

  1. My name - they should ask for a copy of the Driver's License, too.
  2. Location
  3. Car make and model
  4. Drop-off address

CK found a good one in about 5 minutes. She gave me all the pertinent information required. The driver sent an SMS, telling me where they are and the ETA. 

All throughout the time I was waiting, CK kept checking on me and updating me regarding the truck's whereabouts. Much appreciated.

The truck arrived in less than 30 minutes. The driver introduced himself and confirmed the drop-off address. They loaded my car, and away they went. 

Convenient, fast, and reliable! 

BeepBeep Services

I just browsed through their long list of services because I'm really happy with how they efficiently handled the situation. 

One of the noteworthy services is the Maintenance Valet. I haven't tried it, but this service is really helpful for those who lack the time to personally bring their cars to their preferred casa or wherever they have their cars serviced.

Beepbeep's driver will pick-up the car from your house and bring it back after the service is done! The other services that they provide are as follows:

  • Maintenance and Mechanical Repairs
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Car Wash and Detailing
  • Battery and Towing
  • Insurance and LTO Registration 
  • Body Repairs, Paints, and Wraps
  • Parts and Accessories

Other reasons why I like BeepBeep

  • No membership fees - your Dad who used to be a member of the Wheelers Club or AAP will definitely appreciate this! 
  • Open 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Payment options available {e.g. PayPal, PayMaya}

I really hope that BeepBeep will continue to provide excellent service. I've always believed that we can't have a first-world country with a third-world mindset...or in this case, service. This is a huge change for the industry, and a good one at that. 

If you're a mother, then you're automatically a huge worrywart just like me. We're designed to think about everybody else except ourselves. My eldest will start driving soon, and the very thought strikes fear into my heart. Nothing will eliminate that fear. Nothing. But somehow, I feel kinda okay knowing that efficient help is just a text or phone call away.

Facebook: usebeepbeep
Instagram: @usebeepbeep
Twitter: @usebeepbeep
24/7 Roadside Assistance Hotline: (02) 541.99.99

Onward and Upward!


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