Kanto Freestyle Greenhills: The 24/7 Silog Disruptor

I think I mentioned a couple of times before that I'm nocturnal. I feel like a zombie in the morning and a true rock star at night. Anybody who has the same problem can agree with me that it is during the ungodly hours when hunger pang strikes.....hard. My mom used to say, "It's too late. Just drink lots of water and pray." Just to be clear, no amount of those two will quell it.

My default is a good home-cooked meal.  But sometimes, I do look for resto-cooked meals or fast food. Twenty-four hour food joints near me are Jollibee and Mickey D's. Now, I have another option: Kanto Freestyle.

I've been hearing good things about this place. Little did I know that this is created by the same team that brought us Calderon-Guevarra. That place has seriously good food. What I like about these brands is that they didn't create outrageously different food concepts. They're simply retying our connections to the food that we already love—with a few adjustments, that is.

Roast Beef Pares  PhP180

Anyway, the one above is my go-to dish at Kanto Freestyle Greenhills after I had my morning jog-walk-eat routine. I do that for almost two hours in the morning, so this Roast Beef Pares is my reward. The marinade is always on point. The tenderness of the beef is inconsistent, though. By the way, most of the dishes come with a 65-degree egg (you have the option to freestyle it if this is not your thing) and halved pesto tomato. 

New Zealand Beef Tapa  PhP 170

The New Zealand Beef Tapa is yet another simple Pinoy dish with a signature touch that's uniquely Kanto Freestyle's own. The savory-salty-sweet thin slices of beef are up to scratch. No wonder this dish is one of the most-ordered on the list. It comes with garlic rice, but for an additional PhP45, you can upgrade it to Sagada Red Rice. I like the Sagada Red Rice, so it's a worth-it upgrade for me. 

Pusit, Danggit, Espada, at Dilis  PhP160

See, this is one of the things I like about Kanto Freestyle. They turn a low-key Filipino breakfast staple into a fancier version through proper plating minus the outrageous pricing. Pinoy food 2.0.

Dried seafood is something I wouldn't say no to—even if someone puts me on a strict no-salt diet. This crunchy madness is fully equipped with tomato salsa, sous-vide egg, and a syringe filled with vinegar.

Honey Garlic Chicken . PhP150

Upon seeing the online raves, the Honey Garlic Chicken is the first dish of KF's that I've tried. The taste is exactly what the name suggests. Very straightforward. I like it. The thinly-coated chook's glistening skin is surprisingly not all where the flavors are at. The meat is just as tasty. 

Hashbrown with Sitaw and Kangkong  PhP 160

This is Kanto Freestyle's take on a guilt-free breakfast treat. A lone, deep-fried has brown is topped with sauteed sitaw and kangkong plus a sous-vide egg.

Longganiza Scotch Eggs  PhP 170

Ooooh, this is delicious! The runny yolk soaked up by the longganiza is truly a treat. I just wish that this comes in hamonado and garlic longganiza versions.

Fluffy Pancakes  PhP 145

Looks like there's a bit of an overkill of mixed berry toppings right there. No complaints, though. Don't fancy that topping? No worries. You can choose from the other 3: ube ganache, chocknut ganache, and oreo butter. 

Been coming here for over two months now. I think it's safe to say that it's a reliable breakfast place. I haven't been to the other branches yet, but I will definitely make time for that. 

Kanto Freestyle Greenhills
Unit 102 Continental Court
47 Annapolis, Greenhills, San Juan 1504
Open 24/7
Instagram: @kantobfast

Onward and Upward!


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