Choi Garden: The Best Hot-Pot Spot in Greenhills

I never realized how much time I spend per week at Choi Garden Greenhills until I reversed a credit card payment (from a different establishment).

As part of the verification process, the rep asked me a couple of questions. I flunked the first two. And then she asked me, "which establishment did you use your card last?" 

Without missing a beat, I confidently said "Choi Garden." Confetti.

I'm there twice to thrice a week. No, it's not because I'm a big fan of Chinese food. I love it, but I can do without in like a year. 

I'm just a big fan of Choi Garden's food. With a favourable price point and consistently good food, it's hard not to fall in love with it. The cherry on top is, of course, the wonderful service. 

choi garden Greenhills hot pot ingredients

First things first: Isn't this great? An auto-lifting hot pot. No need to constantly fish out the veggie, meat, or balls for fear of them being overcooked. Genius.

choi garden Greenhills hot pot

There are two hot pot bases: Chicken Stock Base and the Drunken Chicken Soup Base. I really don't have a favorite here because each has its own strong points that are perfect for specific hot pot ingredients. What I like about both is that they're lightly flavored. 

choi garden Greenhills hot pot lobster balls

Yes, that's a lot of ingredients. The shrimps (PhP 1,300/kg) were freshly-scooped out of Choi Garden's aquarium. They were still moving when they landed on our table. So good! My other favorites are the Fishball with Roe (below) and the Lobster Sticks. The per-plate price ranges from PhP 220 to PhP 245.

choi garden Greenhills hot pot Japanese wagyu

We obviously feasted on a hot pot with a high-meat content, too. Must-tries include thin slices of Japanese Wagyu (PhP680) and the Diced Kumamoto Wagyu (PhP580). The first one comes out perfect when it's lightly skimmed in the bubbling broth. Don't forget your DIY sauce! The peanut sauce with chilies is a winner!

choi garden Greenhills hot pot wagyu slice

It's so tempting to just dump all the ingredients in! 

choi garden Greenhills hot pot chicken broth

But like everything else, moderation and pacing is key.

Choi Garden Greenhills's Hot Pot is something that you'll crave even on a hot summer afternoon. Seriously. The best thing about this brand is that you'll know you'll get the same taste every single time. 

Choi Garden Greenhills Hot Pot
G/F Promenade, Greenhills,
San Juan City
Facebook: Choi Garden Greenhills
Instagram: @choihotpot

Onward and Upward!


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